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Welcome to Nagaba Vegan - the future of fashion. ​​Here we offer shoes for those who love freedom, animals, and nature. Our brand is eco-friendly and cruelty-free. Our shoes are never derived from animals and are good for the environment too. Our comfortable vegan shoes are Vegan Certified by Vegan Action to ensure all of our materials and production are animal friendly.

At Nagaba Vegan we take pride in curating eco friendly shoes that aren’t just fashionable but most importantly sustainable. While it may seem difficult to check all the boxes, our brand strives to craft ethical shoes that are comfortable, long-lasting, perfect for any season - or all seasons, and timeless.

Our brand was created to combat the fast-fashion industry without compromising the fashion part. We believe in an ethical fashion industry and ethical shoes, that’s why our eco vegan shoes are crafted by the hands of people we know, and not manufactured by machines. That is also why our vegan shoes are designed from recycled vegan materials so when you choose Nagaba Vegan, you’re also choosing to have a positive impact on our planet and the animals we share it with, too. Our shoes are immensely durable, so while you won’t be tossing these shoes out for a long time, you won’t have to feel bad when that day comes either. We quite literally thought of our product from start to finish, with you in the center.

But like we mentioned before, our brand was not going to compromise fashion while fighting for our ethics. Our sustainable shoes come in various styles and different colors for all men, women, and our non-binary friends. In our online shop you can find various eco friendly shoes for a classy night out on the town or even for an everyday comfortable sneaker. Nagaba Vegan even supplies one-of-a-kind vegan combat boots for those looking for vegan work boots or those interested in having the perfect boot any time of the year. If that isn’t enough, our brand knows fashion isn’t a perfect box and every person has their own flair, that’s why we created the “Custom” section to our shop as well. Here you can craft your dream custom sustainable shoes because you’re the designer! 

Nagaba Vegan knows life has a lot of questions, especially when it comes to the fashion industry, but finding the perfect bliss of comfortable, ethical, vegan shoes should not be one of them. As a sustainable shoe brand we know that when you choose to wear Nagaba Vegan shoes, you’re making a great choice for not only you, but for the future of the animals and the planet we all share. It’s time to stop compromising your ethics for fashion, because now you can have both!