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Why is it so important to choose well when we buy vegan shoes?

As vegans we already know how difficult it is to find great quality vegan shoes despite the variety of vegan materials on the market. Unfortunately, not all of them are made of quality materials for shoes and not all of them are safe for our health and environment. As a brand, Nagaba Vegan, we strive to deliver high quality vegan shoes while causing the least possible impact on our environment. Our experience allows us to choose only the premium quality vegan materials.

Therefore, we decided to use the microfiber leather (it is not PVC!) because it is considered the highest quality synthetic leather. Microfiber leather is very durable. Our suppliers have proven that in comparison to animal leather, it is a more tear and abrasion resistant material and it will not peel or crack. These fabrics have passed the most stringent controls and are declared environmentally friendly. Our materials are labeled by Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 and are REACH certified to help protect human health and our environment from harmful chemicals. If there is any hazardous substance, REACH restricts the use of this material. Also, the manufacturing process of this microfiber leather is CO2 free which is a huge advantage in the fight against global warming. To reduce environmental impact even more, we use soles that are upcycled from old shoes soles and car tires.

As a brand we constantly seek out innovative vegan materials, and we put them to the test. We want to ensure that any change in our shoe manufacturing process won’t affect the shoes quality or durability. Today there is an abundance of new plant-based materials popping up in the fashion-industry. While it is trendy to use conscious materials, we never want to be fooled or compromise our vegan materials for the quality of our product.

It’s very important to us, as a fashion brand, that we choose and use good materials. Fast-fashion is one of largest contributors to the world’s pollution. As an eco-friendly brand we have a big role to play, and we are conscious about that. That’s why we embrace the slow fashion values. Our goal is to design and manufacture great quality shoes to reduce unnecessary waste. If you choose better quality shoes over the cost, they will last you longer, and create a lot less trash. High quality vegan shoes are simply better for you, the animals, and the environment, too!

We can all embrace sustainability and help build a better world for everyone. To start, we need to look at how we live and understand how our choices affect the world. The actions we take have a huge impact on the welfare of animals and nature. Every one of us can make a difference!

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