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Contact WhatsApp: +1 267 884 1679
We walk the talk... Our main actions

April 2022

You ask we act! Long awaited women’s desert boots Alicia added to our collection. 


February 2022

Let’s make the vegan voice be heard! We proudly supported CREEPSCIENCE rock band in releasing their album Shift The Paradigm.


It is 2nd album of CREEPSCIENCE, this time recorded and mixed by Steve Albini and mastered by Bob Weston at their studios in Chicago. The key band influences are: David Bowie, Led Zeppelin, The Doors, Talking Heads, Ramones, Janes Addiction, Black Sabbath, Pink Floyd and Bauhaus.

More details @CREEPSCIENCE or https://creepscience.com/

January 2022

We became Business Patron of American Vegan Society with its Center in Philadelphia.


November 2022

We adopted Dee Dee & Dexter, and we became a Proud Member of Rowdy Girl Sanctuary.



September 2021

Nagaba Vegan Shoes is a sponsor of the 2021 Lancaster VegFest. We are happy to celebrate the plant-based lifestyle and help to provide information about the benefits of a plant-based diet for our health and the benefit to animals.

July 2021

Vegans of The World and Vegan Knowledge published on their Instagram the story of the Nagaba Vegan Shoes brand.


May 2021

Nagaba Vegan Shoes is recognized by World Of Vegan as one of the notable 100% vegan shoe brands.


“Today it’s easier than ever to find comfortable, stylish, well-made vegan shoes…..Here are the most notable brands that exist today. Many of these brands are vegan-owned, and while some come with a heftier price tag, you can step into their shoes proudly knowing that you’re supporting a company with strong ethics….”

April 2021

Nagaba Vegan Shoes supported an animal rescue campaign organized by Vegan Action. By filling their Piggy Bank, we have helped to save lives of piglets and find them a safe home. 155 potbellied pigs were abandoned on a farm in Orange, Virginia. Vegan Action and several other groups began working on the ground in January 2021 at the farm to get these pigs vaccinated, spayed and neutered, and rehomed. Multiple sanctuaries throughout Virginia, including Rangers Refuge, Hope and Serenity, Loving Farms, Sanctuary Rescue, Harmony Farms, and Faithful Friends Sanctuary Farm have been able to help with the most needed – the very pregnant sows. Fortunately, 14 of the rescued pigs were rescued and rehomed in time to have their babies in a safe, warm space.

April 2021

Go create your own vegan shoes!

We just launched a new feature at our online store. Now you get to create and design your own shoes. We will handcraft them just for you. The custom shoes are vegan certified as well. Check it out!


February 2021

We just added a new style to our collection. It is a unisex vegan combat/work boot Charley with a steel toe. Designed to protect your toes from heavy objects. Perfect as a vegan work boot for women and men. Available in combinations with 6, 8 or 10 eyelets. We love this fashionable and sturdy boot and hope you will love it too.

January 2021

We became a member of F.A.K.E (Fashion for Animal Kingdom & Environment) movement since their values reflects what we stand for. By manufacturing great vegan shoes that are sustainable and eco-friendly we do not harm the animals – the most silenced and ignored victims of fashion.

“A FAKER is someone who wants to make a change by respecting animals, the planet and the humans.” Jonathan Ohayon

November 2020

We like giving back and we love all the animals. That’s why Nagaba Vegan Shoes since the very beginning continuously supports Farm Sanctuaries and donates 3USD from each pair of shoes sold.

Our support goes towards rescuing farmed animals, minimizing effects of animal agriculture on animals and the environment as well as inspiring humans to live with compassion and respect.

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