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Nagaba Vegan Shoes is a brand established by lifelong friends. Ula and Ewa have met in their early childhood and became inseparable ever since. Many years later, Ula has moved with her family to the United States. Despite the distance, Ula and Ewa stayed connected. Ewa along with her husband own a well-known, family operated shoe manufacturing company in Poland – Nagaba. While Ula was starting her journey with veganism she was looking for cruelty-free shoes, and began to search for the best possible options, but soon she realized that it is hard to find durable, great quality shoes made of leather alternatives.  So, Ula asked Ewa about making a special vegan pair for her, and shortly she got beautiful sneakers fashioned by hand. Ula was impressed. The shoes were great, and she knew that they were made without harming any animals. This inspired Ula and Ewa to create an eco-friendly brand - Nagaba Vegan Shoes, that can better the world and provide immaculate lives for generations to come.

At Nagaba Vegan we are committed to design and manufacture top quality vegan shoes, so we thoughtfully choose the highest quality vegan materials, which are produced by our trusted partners. The premium quality vegan materials transform into exceptionally durable shoes in hands of our team of skilled craftsmen. We made Nagaba Vegan Shoes with care and attention to details because we know that great shoes last longer.

The Nagaba Vegan Shoe brand embraces the slow fashion values. Our goal is to design and manufacture timeless and versatile shoes to reduce unnecessary waste. We do not intend to release new shoe models every season. We would rather opt for permanent seasonless collection. However, our customers have the possibility to express their personality and needs by choosing a custom shoe option. With us you can go create your very own vegan shoes, made by hand from high quality materials, and they will be made to last.

Nagaba Vegan Shoes are certified by Vegan Action – most trusted and best recognized vegan organization in North America. Every single shoe style is reviewed and approved by Vegan Action. Each of the elements and materials we use to produce our shoes were verified, and do not contain any animal derived substances. The whole process of making our shoes is confirmed as cruelty free.

We are proud to be a part of Vegan Certified products family.

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